I have been people watching my whole life, starting in a small town in Louisiana whose
people are some of the most fascinating in the world. As an observer
in my life, I found that a lot of times people run from their
truth. People create stories and images to be the person they want
to be or to become. I was a truth seeker at a very early age. I
began to search for it even before I realized what it meant. The more
I photograph, the more I seek to tell my truth and, as much as
possible, other people's truths the way I see it.

I grew up in a world on the outside looking in. I was a stranger in a
life where people were talking a strange language I did not
understand. I saw the world in a different way than the people around
me. I escaped my reality in a world of Loretta Lynn and Diana Ross
glamour. The rhythm of music and art helped me to survive and to
create my own special world.

I have always had a camera in hand even as a child. As a child, I
loved the instant gratification of a Polaroid picture. The digital
world changed my life. I love the fact that like the Polaroid we have
an image instantaneously. For me, it’s both nostalgic and modern at
the same time.

As I do this work, I am connecting with people in a different way.
The more I connect with my subject and help them to find their "place"
the more I find mine. I find beauty in each and every person not only
the "young beautiful people" but all people. The beauty comes from
the light in the eyes. In doing nudes there is a real intimacy and
trust between subject and artist. There is something pure and
magnificent with a person naked in the flesh and no personality to
guard them when the veils come down.

As an active participant in my work, I try to get my subject to relax
so to capture the moment on film. When we start exploring an "avenue"
together, I encourage them to lead me down their path. I chose
subjects who I find interesting physically and emotionally; people I
have a connection with. Their beauty comes from the light of life.
When someone looks at my art, I want them to feel an emotion and be
able to connect to my subject, like I did, and to see my people for
who they are because that for me is honesty.