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Arthur Severio grew up the son of a farmer in rural Livingston Parish, LA in the 1970’s. As a self-proclaimed “outsider” and “observer”, he discovered photography and theater. The characters in Tennessee Williams' iconic plays provided an escape from his upbringing in his hometown, and photography as a means to explore the harsh truth of Southern culture. It was not until the1984 World's Fair in New Orleans that Severio joined the exuberant gay, drag, and transgender community of the French Quarter and a world once alluded by Williams as being behind a protective "fig leaf." Having an older brother who was a famous drag performer. Arthur followed in his brother's footsteps and can be seen performing as Reba Douglas in and around the Crescent City. Arthur continues to study classic photography along with Williams writings to enhance and influence his continuing series. He has most recently attended Santa Fe Photographic Work Shops, studying cinematic and environmental photography under masters Kurt Mangum and Norman Maskopf and celebrity portrait photographers Greg Gorman and Joshua Smith.

Arthur Severio’s photography has been exhibited and published:Straight Outta New Orleans, Street Meat (Chicago), Framed (San Francisco) All Things Desire and Tennessee Williams Revisited and most notably in 2016, Louisiana Contemporary, sponsored by the Helis Foundation at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

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