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A Tribute to Sandra Sexton

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Analia XO

I recently met the young and beautiful Analia XO and thoroughly connected with her with my camera and my heart - she's a joy to work with and totally got the concept of working with me as a photographer.

I met Sandra Sexton a long time ago at Petunia's restaurant and the only memory I have of her other than this initial meeting is Nick Cristina telling me that Sandra wanted to go to Las Vegas to headline and what little I've learned from a Facebook group curated and moderated by Lisa Nicole Altman.

I long for being a photographer back in the burlesque days of Bourbon Street and the 500 Club heyday and wished I could have been there to capture the lovelies.

I will not be able to recreate the photos of Sandra, but I am inspired by her and these images.

The one thing I know for sure is the people who remember her remember her talents and her beauty big as the sky.

The legendary Sandra Sexton:

"Because she had become such an icon as the perennial headliner at The 500 Club, the management would drop pictures of her from an airplane all over the Vieux Carre, the incomparable Sandra Sexton." Lisa Nicole Altman

"Super Bowl IX played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings on Jan. 12, 1975 It was just before the beginning of the halftime show on a cold (40 degrees), wet, windy day that Sandra Sexton decided to put on a show of her own. Ms Sexton, who was the star at the 500 Club, took off a fur coat she was wearing and went on a jaunt up the east sideline wearing only a bikini and boots. Afterwards the NOPD gave her a ride home. Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated magazines all ran photos of her and she became a sensation who had lines of people waiting to see her shows." Lisa Nicole Altman

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