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High balls at the Friendly

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

New Orleans is the home of happy hours with cheap drinks. My friends Marti and Koo are the queens of happy hour and bargain cocktails.

The ladies drive in from Bay St. Louis on Wednesday’s to do their shopping at Dorignac’s - a local grocery story that has the best selection of local foods made in their very own kitchen. Koo invited me to drinks at the Friendly Bar in the Marigny. The Friendly is a quiet, dark neighborhood bar where the clientele is mixed and everyone communes around the big square bar!

Koo, a retired professor from UNO moved to the Bay with her lover Marti right before Katrina hit and knocked out most of the Gulf Coast. Her ex-colleague Carol from UNO met us! Koo was drinking her favorite scotch, Marti vodka tonic with a splash of cranberry and Carol high balls.

Carol, a writer of books and theatre reviews is quite a storyteller talking about her experiences of the theatre and with the Tennessee Williams festival. She once met Tennessee at Tujaque's on Decatur Street! He got a little heady in his spirits and slipped out in the middle of dinner without paying! He did this on a regular basis from what she heard.

Carol Gelderman

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