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Maria Shaw

"Maria Shaw is the country's most popular and beloved astrologer. To millions of fans and followers, she's known for her amazing accuracy and predictions for Hollywood's hottest stars. You've seen her on every television network and show imaginable from VH 1 to MTV, The Tony Danza Show, The Anna Nicole Show, Life and Style, Fox, Mr. Personality NBC and more. She is the personal adviser for many of Tinsel Town's elite and has given over five hundred readings for famous movie stars, athletes and musicians: Antonio Sabata Jr., Tony Danza, Jenny McCarthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Daning with the Stars 2 time champion, Julianne Hough and Chris Daughtery, General Hospital's Mary Beth Evans, Country Star Danielle Peck, Red Wings Hockey Star Darren McCarty, Anna Nicole Smith, Lisa Rinna, Kisten Alphonso and many other stars from Days of Our Lives." (from her website

Maria Shaw is one of the "hardest working women in show business" Not only does she travel the country doing psychic fairs , she writes books, gives seminars on "Soul Mates," and publishes a weekly astrological column in National Enquirer and Soap Opera Digest. She and her husband Joe (sorry ladies, he's taken) broadcast a nightly Facebook live show from their living room right here in the French Quarter and run an empire of healing gemstones and jewelry.

I met Maria when I did her hair for her wedding that she had the House of Broel. She's super sweet and a so easy to please client. She once had a radio talk show with interviews with country music stars and has great inside the industry stories.

I photographed her in her gorgeous home in the French Quarter for the holiday season.

You can look forward to seeing her on TLC's 90 Day Fiance. 90 day fiancé 90 day fiancé

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1 Comment

Maria Shaw
Maria Shaw
Jan 03, 2021

thank your Arthur for including me!

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