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Scenes from a Hotel Room

What goes on in a hotel room? Business deals. Dates. Hook-ups. Contacts made. Contracts broken.

An artist like yourself likes the life you live in your hotel rooms. You love the anonymity, the room service and that you never are in a city for more than one night at a time.

Life is lonely after you leave the stage where you felt connected to the audience and the universe to go back to your room and to a social media life you’ve made with 5,000 friends who all think they know you.

Where do you turn for comfort?

There's always the sex apps to find a hook-up with that one hot guy who will take away the ache of being alone, but what do you do with it when the hunger reappears? Will the next one fullfill your hunger? Then there are the drugs and alcohol and you've been down that road before and you know what happens after you come down and sober up! You’ve known many who have travelled down that lonely path and how it turned out for them.

You keep chugging on in hopes that one day your art and your music will catch on and you’ll become a star baby! You make your art for yourself - it soothes the ache in your soul and sets off the spark that helps you to continue to live and connect to life!

You strive for collaborations and connection’s that will be positive and stay true to yourself and your art. You know when it feels right and you can feel it in your gut. When they don’t work out, you pull back and go back to doing your own thing! You know yourself and It hasn‘t failed you yet.

People who aren't artist think they understand you but you wonder do they?

You wonder where you are in all of this?

So you sit in your hotel room in a chair and strum your guitar and write a new song that puts your feelings into words for the world to hear. It heals that part of you that needs healing. It's the medicine for your soul. Your soul ‘s nurtured when you share it with people who interpret it and it becomes part of them. It's the gift of art.

And so you go to sleep, alone but less lonely knowing your life is your own and you take comfort in it. Tomorrow is another day waiting to be made just for you.

Sweet dreams!


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