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Stories of Highways and Motels

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

In the last couple of years, I've become obsessed with everything from the mid-century era, from its architecture to its interiors to pop culture with personalities like Jayne Mansfield and those who inspired the art world like Andy Warhol, director Alfred Hitchcock, and photographer William Eggleston. The era started right after World War II, around 1945, and lasted until about 1969. The period was when families traveled in their ultra-cool cars for vacations driving along America’s highways. Kids played games in the backseats of the cars, awaiting to arrive at roadside motels to park the family sedan. Travel changed in the 70s when people started flying with the creation of the Boeing 747. People still travel by car, but it was made faster and more efficient with the new interstate systems and chain hotels built at the exits for Americans traveling on business or leisure, killing all the mom-and-pop owned motels.

The once stylish motels have recently become in vogue again, with the young hipsters breathing new life into them by renovating and making them the new ultra-cool places to stay!

Airline Highway near New Orleans has a few left that are still (God forbid) in their original states. The motels have their own stories, with hourly rentals for hookers, drug dealers, and preachers getting their dirty deeds done. Dirt is cheap. But once, they were the places to be.

Model: Cesar

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