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Bobby and Brian

Some of them want to use you

Some of them want to get used by you

Some of them want to abuse you

Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson

Those bells are the only thing innocent in this French Quarter.

Tennessee Williams Streetcar Named Desire

New Orleans

While walking through Jackson Square the other night I got an energised feeling that the fall brought with it's cool breeze and the beautiful light from the moon. October welcomes us to a world that we were not aware of when the summer is so hot and the humidity has it's blinders on us along with the hot steam of August and September. I looked up and noticed some details of the Pontalba that I swear I had never noticed before. I even feel like that the ghosts were alive and their spirits were talking to me. New Orleans in the fall and spring is one of the most spiritual places in America.


I first read Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire right after it hit big as a book somewhere between 1988 and 1990. Like many great books that people tell you to read, it took about three tries to get into it. This time was in October. I remember it because I was walking through Jackson Square wishing to be a vampire. I was in love with Louis and Lestat from the first time I read about them and I envisioned them to look like Michael Hutchence or Johnny Depp or Marcus Schekenberg. Louis and Lestat were not only gorgeous, and androgynous but they lived a very glamorous life. Interview with a Vampire is one of my favourite books about New Orleans. It's the real star of Anne Rice's writings. She captures the essence of the city along with the history that you feel along with the spirits of people who have past, the architecture, along with the darkness and the sexiness of the city.

I've recently started revisiting books, films, and music from the late 80 through the mid 90's that was also of this era. New Orleans, Interview with a Vampire, Anne Rice, Decatur Street and Halloween all came together in kismet and created a magical artistic haven in this time. Music was created here with Daniel Lanios, Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson Lenny Kravitz and Dylan all moved here People came in droves to see the Vampire's gothic mother-land with it's graveryards, wrought iron fences, and Victorian Houses. People were interested in Anne Rice, the history of the Garden District and the French Quarter and the cemeteries'. They wanted to see all the locations of Anne Rice's writings and the locations that the movie used. She began buying real estate. She bought St. Elizabeth's Orphanage where she housed her massive doll collection and hosted her Vampire Balls on Halloweens there. She once appeared in a coffin for one. Her family house that she used to write about in the Mayfair Witches on First Street always had a crowd trying to catch a glimpse of her or her family. Rumor has it she even invited fans in at times. She even bought an old movie theatre in the 2000 block of Magazine that she was going to make into The Theatre Du Vampires. Everyone came to New Orleans to see what it was all about.


As I prepare for my show Saturday night at the Mint for their annual gala, I realise that the gift of collaboration, When you work with other artist, gallery owners, curators, and everyone else involved, it takes it to another level. I've shown with other people and artists who were only in it for their egos and to show their own work. I met "Hot Bobby" on the pages of MySpace by fate and we became long time internet friends. He moved back to New Orleans from the North East and was here almost a year before we finally met. He helped to place the show for the gallery and helped to make it a huge success.

Thank you Bobby, Frankie Braza and Brian Eric Lugo for everything.

If you connected with this article or attended one of Anne Rice's parties, please feel free to send me an email.

Thank you,


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